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ConvergeIO Intelligent Storage is the easiest and fastest way to manage storage for containers and microservices.

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A New Way to Manage Storage as a Service

ConvergeIO Intelligent Storage builds, organizes, and rebalances your storage as a service - so you don't have to.

@IWantSimple  A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key. Make it simple!

John Smith

@IWantSimple  A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key. Make it simple!

Jane Smith

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Install ConvergeIO Intelligent Storage software in your private datacenter or on public clouds. Intelligent Storage runs in any modern Linux environment. Now your application data can be managed in public or private clouds, virtual machines or bare metal without any code changes. The same simple and consistent user experience is created regardless of where your application runs.


Works where you work

Managing storage infrastructure is challenging. Complex storage operations require expertise and time to pre-plan before execution.
ConvergeIO Intelligent Storage centers management on application requirements for performance, availability and data protection. By encapsulating complexity and storage expertise, this sophisticated technology enables fast, repeatable and automated storage management based on application profiles. The user experience of day-to-day storage operations is drastically simplified and the need for specialized skill sets to manage network storage infrastructure is greatly reduced.

Manage applications not infrastructure

Provisioning networked storage resources is a planned process that takes hours or days in most enterprises to execute. This greatly limits business agility and the need to deliver new apps and services quickly to customers.
ConvergeIO IntelligentStorage is built on a highly elastic foundation that provides a very scalable way of managing shared storage resources. This flexible foundation coupled with storage isolation and performance management capabilities enables storage to be provisioned in seconds instead of taking hours and days. Now thousands of volumes can be launched in minutes through scripting and software commands.

Provisions in seconds instead of hours or days

Stateful applications such as databases and key-value stores require persistent storage. ConvergeIO Intelligent Storage delivers storage that is just as lightweight, agile and mobile as containerized applications and microservices. The use of application profiles enable performance, availability and data redundancy to be defined uniquely for each container or set of microservices. Now businesses can deploy container technology with confidence their data is protected by enterprise class data services.


Persistent storage for containers and microservices

Delivering consistent performance for applications is hard. It is generally accomplished by physical isolation of data into storage silos optimized for particular types of application.
ConvergeIO Intelligent Storage ensures consistent performance for application through min/max IOPS and bandwidth settings. Now service level guarantees can be delivered for critical applications. By automating performance management and eliminating the need to manage "noisy neighbors", expensive resources tasked with managing application performance are freed. The ability to support varying workloads while guaranteeing performance, enables higher utilization while eliminating the cost of over-provisioning resources.

Deliver guaranteed performance for applications

Simplify and automate

Simplify storage using application profiles to execute complex storage operations

Provision instantly

Launch volumes for applications in seconds instead of hours or days

Run Anywhere

Manage data anywhere your application in the cloud, virtual machines, or bare metal